What's driving cyber-security attacks today? The answer is simple – cyber-crime.

Financially motivated attacks have security organizations scrambling resources and technologies to keep up defenses. But gaps still exist.

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Bitcoin & Ransom Attacks - with a 40% increase in ransom attacks from 2016 and Bitcoin valuations spiking – be prepared.IoT Threats Emerge - but no one claims responsibility for the security of these devices. Botnets will keep increasing while the ownership debate continues.Data Protection - reigns as the number one business concern two years in a row. We examine how to prevent data leakage as GDPR also looms.
Targeted Organizations Will Suffer Legal Action - or customer churn following an attack in nearly 25% of cases.Security Still Cloudy - with 51% of applications undergoing weekly changes – what should you do to protect them?AI & Machine Learning to The Rescue? Maybe so with 20% already trying it on for size and another 28% planning to. But is it fail-safe?